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10/01/2013 - Edge Lit LED Sign for Parking Structures



October 1, 2013, Southern Manufacturing designed innovative signs for the Lexington, Kentucky Parking Authority.  These signs incorporated the edge lit LED technology and light engines that Southern introduced in its market leading Clean Profile internally illuminated street name signs.

The Parking Authority was tasked to build attractive structures that add to the architecture of the City.  One of the tools to accomplish this was high technology lighting with colored lights showing off the underside of the decks.  To keep with this theme, they were looking for a crisp functional LED sign on the outside of the building that also displayed the number of available spaces.  Southern stepped up to the plate and proposed double sided edge lit signs illuminating the parking symbol and the word “SPACES” and a cut out for electronic counters on both sides which were supplied by others.  

   The picture at the left shows the sign at night.       The sign measures 27" wide and 50" tall.  The City of Lexington also has several of Southern's Clean Profile edge lit internally illuminated street name sign.  Using the same advanced LED lighting system that is in the street name signs, Southern achieved even illumination across the 27" width of these signs.  Intenal illumination makes them highly visible to drivers.

In addition to internally illuminated signs, Southern offers blank out signs, ITS enclosures, control cabinets, and enclosures for security applications.  All products are manufactured at the company's ISO 9001 plant outside of Orlando, Florida.

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