Sun Shields -Keeping Enclosures Cool

October 21, 2016

Sun shields can be added to any outdoor enclosures exterior surface; top, sides, front / rear door and / or back.

Sun shields add an extra level of cooling protection from direct sunlight on your enclosure; typically reducing radiant heat up to 15 degrees below ambient temperature.

Sun shields are typically fabricated from light gauge material- such as .125” - 5052 aluminum and sit 1” off the surface of the enclosure using aluminum standoffs and tamper proof hardware. (Specialty bit required for field installation).

The shields reflect the sun's rays redirecting the heat away from the surface -thus hindering the rays from coming into direct contact with the surface area of the enclosure.

Sun shields can be installed as part of the enclosure when ordered - or can be added "in the field" with a sun shield retro-fit kit.