ATMS Hub Building

February 20, 2013

Aluminum ATMS Hub Enclosure

Southern’s engineering team design a 91" tall by 77" wide and 72" deep enclosure that will serve as the communication hub for the new ATMS system in Brevard County, Florida.  The enclosure is a double door walk in enclosure with two 19" E.I.A. equipment racks as well as unistruts rails for mounting panels and din rails.  It also features air conditioning, double insulation, and a power distribution center, giving our customer a hub cabinet ready for them to install their electronics.  As a “walk-in” enclosure, Southern’s engineers designed special features so that the cabinet can be opened from inside in the unlikely event that a person is closed in. 

The design borrows on many standard features of Southern’s long line of enclosures and is built using .125” 5052 aluminum.  Given the large size, the engineers incorporated several features to insure that the structure is robust enough to stand up to Florida’s extreme weather conditions.  The picture below gives some perspective as the racks in the center are just over 21” wide.

Using an aluminum hub enclosure instead of a concrete building saved the County both time and money.  The cost of the aluminum  structure was less than half of that of a concrete building.  Erection time was cut dramatically and as the enclosure was pre-wired with an electric service panel, the electrical work in the field was minimized.  This is a good example of how Southern works with our customers to create value added solutions.



Southern also supplied a number of pole mounted 336S ITS field cabinets on project.  These were FDOT 785 enclosures complete with power distribution panels. In addition to a wide range of CCTV and DMS designs, Southern has designed custom enclosures for weigh in motion systems, power hub centers, electronic tolling, and SCADA solutions for natural gas.  

For more information about Southern’s ITS solutions, please visit the ITS Enclosure tab under enclosures on our website or give us a call.